Adam and Adama Shulman, based out of NYC, West Africa, and the Middle East are fresh faces in the fashion photography scene. Having thrived on cultural diversity, acceptance, and immersion, Adam and Adama live inspired lives, constantly creating photographic experiences that build upon their cultural influences. This team focuses on making each shoot a unique experience, whether shooting magazine editorials, portfolios, or fashion art photography.

Adam Shulman is the photographer, specializing in both digital and medium format film. His focus is on creating something special for each shoot, to showcase both the model as well as the product in a way that captivates the audience.

Adama Shulman is the makeup artist and stylist. Working as a model for many years in Africa, Paris, and NYC, she has the background as well as the eye for editorial fashion.

We specialize in editorial shoots, fashion art photography, and portfolio building. In addition, we specialize in image branding for clientele. We will assit the client along the way, building his or her concept into first a vision, and then a stunning creation.