Adam Shulman, based out of Nashville, NYC, West Africa, and the Middle East, is an award winning fashion and art photographer. He has shot everything from CNN to Grazia and Esquire Magazines. His passion, however, is in fine art, where his fashion background brings a strong aesthetic to his work, always filled with emotion and splendor. He has shown successfully across the USA and Europe. Adam just won first place in the category for Fine Art/Nudes at the esteemed PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris juried photography awards for his series "The Gold of Africa". He won second place overall for the Fine Arts category. With over 5800 entires from 98 countries, and juried by 36 distinguished members including editors for National Geographic and Forbes, Adam is well deserving of the recognition from this coveted prize.

Adam shoots in digital, but specializes in 35mm and manual medium format film cameras. Having thrived on cultural diversity, acceptance, and immersion, Adam lives an inspired life, constantly creating photographic experiences that build upon his cultural influences.

Adam is a dynamic individual, his background adding much intrigue to his work. He is a board certified radiation medical physicist, and has become one of the world leaders in radiation oncology training in lower middle income countries (LMiCs). He is a board of trustee for the NGO Radiating Hope, where he has dedicated a decade of his life to the support and improvement of cancer care in LMICs. He works for both the National Center for Cancer Care and Research in Doha, Qatar as well as the University of California at San Diego. He is also part of a 5 year, 4 million dollar NIH-UG3 grant that was recently named by Physics World as one of the Top 10 breakthroughs in physics in the world in 2018! He has done everything from establishing regional training centers in Africa to speaking at United Nations conferences. This scientific and philanthropic background is many times present in his photographic work.

Adam's muse is his wife, Adama Fall Shulman, whose background on the runways of Paris and NYC has always inspired him in the fashion industry. And her background as a native born Senegalese inspires Adam every day in his philanthropic efforts. Adam and Adama form the brand ADAM(a)

For any inquiries about booking or artwork for sale, please contact Adam Shulman using the form the contact page.